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Foundations of Yoga

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Ever muddle your way through a yoga class, only to leave feeling disappointed, frustrated, and defeated? While there isn't a person on this planet who won't benefit from practicing yoga, not every class is for everybody. As a yoga teacher, I know all too well that one hour isn't nearly enough time to cover even the basics of this vast subject. Like everything else in life, you must start with the foundations. You wouldn't pick up a guitar for the first time and expect to sound like Jimi Hendrix, would you? No-- you would first need to learn the anatomy of the instrument, how to hold it properly, where to place your fingers, and then move on to notes and chords and go from there. Learning the foundations is KEY in everything we do. In this 4 part series, you'll learn everything you need to know to navigate group classes and get started creating you own home practice. This course can be taken at your own pace, and you'll have lifetime access to the lessons. We all have different learning styles, so you may wish to take this course on its own, or in conjunction with my 4 Week, In-Person Beginners' Series. This course will cover: A brief history of yoga A bit about yoga philosophy What to expect in a typical class The various styles of yoga Yoga terminology Foundational postures Foundational breath work Don't struggle through another class. Build your practice on a solid foundation with the essentials covered here and watch your practice take off!

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